Residential & Commercial Retaining Walls - Western Pennsylvania

Residential or Commercial Versa-lok Retaining Walls

At Noah’s Asphalt Paving, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship for your residential or commercial property. We are proud to offer our valued clients Versa-lok retaining walls for their homes and businesses. These retaining walls look great with any of your properties and are constructed by our staff at a great price. If you already have a retaining wall at your residential or commercial property, but are looking to remove or rebuild it, look no further than Noah’s Asphalt Paving. We can tear down existing retaining walls and build new and improved versions! Additionally, we can add steps to your retaining wall to allow easy access to what is beyond. Do not hesitate!

Call the retaining wall experts with over 55 years of experience for a free estimate today! Feel free to call us at (724) 537-6341 for more information on how a Versa-lok retaining wall from Noah’s Asphalt Paving can be the first step to your home improvement project.